989 6TH AVE- 100 W 37TH STREET

Services FNA Provided:

  • SOE


  • C3D

No. of Stories:

  • 68

Project Description

The 743-foot-tall structure will yield 384,118 square feet with 300 condominium units spread across 297,301 square feet, as well as 86,817 square feet of commercial space and two cellar levels. The slender building begins with a multi-story funnel-shaped podium that matches the height of the adjacent Haier Building to the south.

Above, the skyscraper rises with stacked glass-clad volumes that extend to the east from a blank core, culminating in an illuminated crown. Cutouts near the bottom and top of the glass volumes appear to be topped with terrace spaces. The cladding for the core is unclear from the rendering, though it’s possible it could be finished in metal paneling.