Pierhouse Brooklyn Heights

13044 130 Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY

  • Marvel Architects
  • 30′ of excavation

Project Description

FNA played a crucial role in the development of Pierhouse Brooklyn Heights, providing design for a temporary support of excavation system and offering MTA consulting services. Situated at 60-130 Furman Street in northern Brooklyn Heights, this mixed-use development boasts a striking facade and impressive construction progress. The project includes a 10-story, 192-unit hotel (1 Hotel) at 60 Furman Street, a 10-story condominium building at 90 Furman Street, and a four-story condominium complex at 130 Furman Street. With a total of 106 condominium units, Pierhouse offers a variety of configurations from one- to five-bedrooms, contributing to the vibrant landscape of Brooklyn’s waterfront.